DJ Sharadawn

Seattle-area DJ Sharadawn is known for engaging a diverse group of crowds through spinning both the unexpected and familiar, transcending people to a place of feeling good.  With a love for the classics and the new, DJ Sharadawn crosses genres with delight.

DJ Sharadawn started to play out in 2007 with a weekly residence at a neighborhood bar in Queen Anne where she had the freedom to play open format. This creative liberty cultivated her preference of mixing unexpected vibes that continues to be a mainstay in her mixes.  She finds joy in a variety of settings, be it spinning for a high fashion designer personal appearance or in the heat of a summer's day party, feeling like Cheers with the nostalgia of friends new and old, joined together for the love of music.  

With the belief that all genres of music have a rightful time and place to be enjoyed, DJ Sharadawn embraces musical differences in a way that keeps ears open.


Great music comes from a happy partnership and DJ Sharadawn takes such opportunities with great thought and sincerity.  Book DJ Sharadawn and see your musical vision come to life.